Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just some rambling

One of my lifelong dreams has been to meet Doris Day. That may seem like nothing to most people, but she has been an inspiration to me. Her smile lights up the screen, her voice is silky smooth, her dancing is graceful and fun and she is a terrific actress. I have a great love for acting, and I believe it started when I watched Doris Day perform. I love her.

This year, Miss Day is turning 90 years old. She actually shares a birthday with my son, that makes it an extra special day. In honor of her 90th, there is going to be a great celebration in Carmel-By-The-Sea to celebrate her.

I found out about this event months ago, and immediately called the hotel to see if my idol would be there. They didn't know at the time, so I went ahead and booked. There were to be some VIPs there, and the hope was that Ms. Day would be among them.

I've been counting down the days. Less than one month and counting! And then, the email came in. Miss Doris Day, my childhood (and adult-hood) favorite, would not be in attendance at any of the celebration festivities.

I had big dreams of meeting her, but expected that dream to not happen. I figured if I could just see Doris Day, I'd be pleased as punch.

But, rather than her being there, there will items (autographed by her) up for silent auction, there will be a fancy dinner, with Peter Marshall as emcee. He is the VIP for that evening. I couldn't remember who he was...until my mom told me - he was the radio broadcaster in "Annie" - you know, the guy that says "Ah ha! The lovely bolin sisters..." and then sings "Never Fully Dressed." Anyway, he is their VIP. The next day, there will be a dog show, featuring the Doris Day's own dog (Daisy) - which you can get your picture taken with, for a fee.

So, to recap: the VIPs are Peter Marshall and Daisy the Dog. And Doris Day will not be in attendance for any of her 90th birthday festivities.

I. Am. Devastated. Heartbroken. My dreams have been shattered. It's a small dream, but one that I've had on my bucket list for forever.

I have yet to cancel our reservation in hopes that I will get a follow-up email soon saying "Nevermind! There have been so many cancellations due to Miss Day's absence, that she has decided it's safe to come out!" I don't actually expect this to happen, but I am holding on to every last drop of hope that I can.

So, my plans to go to Carmel, see my favorite actress/singer of all time, and relax in the beautiful city that was run by none other than Clint Eastwood seem to be coming to an end. There is no point in spending an obscene amount of money to big on items signed by Doris Day. I have a picture signed by her, that will suffice. There is no point in spending that kind of money to attend a dog show and see VIPs that I couldn't care less to see. Would it be cool to see someone famous? Sure. But, not for the high dollar price that it was gonna cost.

I know my hopes of meeting Miss Doris Day are ending. It's a pretty sad realization for me. Let's face it, she's not a young lady anymore. She's healthy, beautiful and still working for her dog foundation, but she's not out and about. The likelihood is, she won't be around for any length of time in which I could convince someone anyone who might know her that I must meet her.

I need to remind myself that she is just a person. A beautifully talented, lovely person. And just thank her for the memories of her movies and music. And the gift she's given me in finding one of my passions in lighting up the "screen" or stage. Thank you, Doris Day. You have been an inspiration to me and I think you are amazing.