Monday, June 7, 2010

Some good stuff today!


If you are a Disney geek as much as I am, and are anticipating a trip to Disneyland as much as I am, you have, no doubt, heard about the new show that Disney is putting on called World of Color. It's like a fountain show similar to the one in Vegas, only Disney-style. The viewing area is fairly limited, so here is a link with some tips on ways to get in to view the show: 

This is something I'm looking forward to buying soon, and it's a great price today, if you like Disney music, than you will love this!

Here is something cool to do with your kids. Visit Odwalla's web site, select your state, and have a tree planted for free. The tree will be donated by Odwalla to your state's park system. 

If you like Subway, you might like this: 
On 6/8/10 between 7 am and 11am, participating Subways will be giving away a free English Muffin Melt. Check to see if your local store will participate.

There is this great website I use to make virtually all of my online purchases. It's called - by going to this website and then clicking on the link to the online store you are wanting to purchase from, part of your purchase price will go to help a school of your choice (or the featured school of the month!)! You should check it out and use it as often as possible, and pass it on to everyone you know! Definitely worth it! The money will go to help schools in their arts and sports programs! They are worth shopping for!

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